Grow Africa

Grow Africa is a sustainable & educational project empowered by Jenman Zimbabwe Safaris

“Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, teach that man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime”

Grow Africa... with Jenman Zimbabwe Safaris

Running safaris and day-to-day operations in a sustainable and responsible way has always been of great importance to Jenman Safaris. In our experience over the years we have encountered so much beauty on the African continent, and yet there is also enormous poverty all over Africa. During my recent trip to Zimbabwe, the level of poverty that I saw hit home, and made me realize that some very important work needs to be done to address this issue. We at Jenman Safaris believe that we have the ability to make a difference. We started by supporting vegetable and fruit gardens around Cape Town –  teaching school-kids  how to operate a sustainable and self-sufficient vegetable garden providing education, tools and seeds.

This year we launched a series of day-excursions, giving our clients the opportunity to become ‘Voluntourists” by adding these unique opportunities onto their regular safari. We have partnered with three very special programs, a local township school in Cape Town, providing fire extinguishers and teaching fire awareness at a township in Swakopmund and promoting wildlife conservation and anti-poaching in Victoria Falls.  

In combination with the above mentioned projects, Jenman Safaris has also invested in their local guides many of which are Zimbabwean. We have named this project Grow Africa empowered by Jenman African Safaris - hoping to make a difference!

- Garth Jenman, Managing Director

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