Tours & Safaris

Choose from our range of Masvingo and Great Zimbabwe Tours & Safaris that cater for all your needs. Explore the ancient Great Zimbabwe Ruins and gain a glimpse into the region’s ancient history or travel to nearby Hwange National Park, one of the few great elephant sanctuaries left in Africa.

Tours & Safaris through Masvingo and Great Zimbabwe

Intimate Zimbabwe Lodge Safari

Priced from USD 3560 / EUR 4140 per person. This intimate Zimbabwe Lodge Safari is a 13 day journey through the best areas and attractions that Zimbabwe has to offer! Travel around Zimbabwe while staying in the luxury of lodges in the evenings.

Re-discover Zimbabwe Adventure

Priced from EUR 1510 / USD 1795 per person. Rediscover the beauty of Zimbabwe on this semi participation camping safari… Explore the Zimbabwean National parks, the Great Ruins and Victoria Falls on this 11 day Jenman Zimbabwe Safari.

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