What to See & Do

Gweru has many popular tourist attractions such as the Zimbabwe Military Museum, which is filled with displays dedicated to the country’s armed struggles, the development of its police force and military and civil aviation.

There is also the nearby Antelope Park which is popular with local and international guests alike. Weekends are especially busy as families from surrounding Harare, Bulawayo and Gweru enjoy the many activities on offer, such as walking with lions, elephant rides, horseback safaris and fishing and boating in the park’s river and reservoir. With over 23 different game species and 350 bird species in Antelope Park, you are sure to have an enjoyable wildlife viewing experience.

The Zimbabwe Ruins are close to Gweru and are a ‘must see’; this area of the Midlands is scattered with ancient stone ruins, such as; the Dhlo Dlo Ruins, which were thought to have been built in the 17th century, and are filled my many interesting Portuguese artifacts including gold jewelry, candlesticks and religious icons; the Nalatale Ruins, perched on top of a granite hill overlooking the surrounding countryside, has the most beautiful, intricate and best preserved example of patterned stonework in Zimbabwe. The ruins are best seen in winter when there is less grass and vegetation surrounding them.

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