What to See & Do

One of the most prominent features of Gonarezhou National Park is the Chilojo Cliffs, a towering range of sandstone cliffs overlooking the scenic Runde River valley. The best time to view the cliffs is in the late afternoon as the setting turns the cliffs brilliant shades of red and orange – a dream for any photographer!

Visit the Chivirira Falls (meaning ‘boiling water’ in Shangaan) during the winter months and you will find a tranquil river winding its way through many massive boulders, but visit during the summer months and you will experience the incredible power of the churning water as it literally makes the ground vibrate.

Game viewing in the area is not as plentiful as some of the other Zimbabwean parks, but Gonarezhou National Park is home to four of the big five (buffalo, elephant, lion and leopard) as well as hippo, crocodile and a range of antelope. The park is the only other location in Zimbabwe, apart from the Mana Pools National Park, where the shy nyala and diminutive suni antelope can be found. Walking Safaris are also a popular way to experience Gonarezhou National Park. Visitors can also travel to the nearby Save Valley Conservancy, the largest conservancy in the world!

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