Antelope Park

Situated 8 km from Gweru in the Zimbabwe Midlands, Antelope Park is an ideal stopover for unique experiences in the African bush. Activities include lion walks, elephant swimming and lion night encounters. Antelope Park is home to the African Lion Environmental Research Trust (ALERT) and the world’s first lion rehabilitation and release into the wild programme, meaning your stay will have a positive impact on the future of the African Lion. Various forms of accommodation are on offer, from thatched lodges, to A-frame chalets, East African style en-suite tents and even campsites, meaning there is definitely something to suit your needs.

Facilities: 95 rooms / dining area / pool / curio/ gift shop / 165 km from airport

Good for:
groups / families / activities / game viewing / photography / fishing

A property that has been indicated with $$ offers above average accommodation, facilities and service.

Antelope Park works closely with ALERT to maintain a sustainable practice when looking after lions. For more information on ALERT please click here


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